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2014, 2015, Resolutions, Resolvations


2014 started with my parents here for 3 months. We played cards, ate lunch and hugged a lot. That said, working full-time while taking care of parents and raising a 4 and 5 year old was rough as all get out.

We loved really big to make up for all the stress.

Grandma Grandpa

After my parents left, James, Nora, Dorothy and I went to Disneyland. It was the best vacation we’ve ever taken. Bonus points for getting to see the Howertons and Pamie.

Southern California, you make us hug people while wearing bathing suits.

Disneyland 2014

Then I quit my job.

It was for the best — that said, it was the most fulfilling, most interesting job I’d ever had, with some of my favorite people.

My family is all the better for it. I am too.
(But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss those marvelous people every day.)

We're married

I took a new job for 60 more days but it wasn’t a good fit.
(So I quit that one too. It’s okay. That happens sometimes.)

Artwork 2014

I was lucky enough to find a new job that is the perfect fit.
(I’m cheering on the wine industry again.)

So Helen Jane, why did you get back into the wine industry? @SFWSpiritsComp @ninerwineestates

Y&YY changed me in ways I’m still figuring out — if only to remind me to RELAX THE GRIP, HJ.

#RVIP #yxyy Winter Wonderland Prom. I missed this vehicle.

Nora Lea’s Lego Birthday happened in the middle of a crazy family stomach flu. I’m proud we all soldiered through.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

Our family attended an amazing wedding. Our daughters were lucky enough to be flower girls, and we were lucky enough to share in a community that prides itself on hospitality and love. (Also: CHAMPAGNE TOWER!)

We are in love with love. #eronimo

We hosted the Eighth or Ninth Annual Thursday Night Bocce Chili Cookoff and it was the best one yet.
Everyone's a critic

I gave up the NFL — it was embarrassingly hard for me. This sounds silly, but I can’t deal with the current culture, and I hope if enough of us follow, we can affect some cultural change. We’re getting into rugby and soccer — join us!

Oh, I love this man of mine. Also, Go Pack Go!

Bridge Brigade. We started playing bridge! A weird group of people looking to get a head start on the rest of you aging fools! You should try it! It’s hard and fun, like most worthwhile things.

Oh My God You Guys Bridge Is So Hard But Still Worthwhile And Not Just Because Of The Snacks.

Our family visited Green Bay, helping my parents wrap up the chapter of their lives in their big house and move into an assisted living apartment. Man, I love those guys. It was a hectic trip, filled with tons of fried foods and an unhealthy amount of time spent in my college sketchbooks.

James and family

We always love our town’s Harvest Festival. Three cheers for community spirit!St. Helena Pet Parade

This year, we did a family Halloween costume. Dorothy put Nora Lea to sleep for at least 10 hours.
The royal family says, "Hey." Thanks to @kerrygirvs for the pics!

After a fantastic visit from amazing friends, our weird Computer Engineer Barbie book got some attention — that culminated in our family’s first Good Morning America appearance. When I heard it as a Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me question, I knew that we had dug up something special.

Steven and Brian have to help me with ALL my computer engineering

That said, Computer Engineer Barbie also put the fear of the media and the current state of Internet Mob Rule in my heart. I also gained a hearty terror about what I’ve made public vs. what I’ve made private. How vulnerable am I, having put the last 17 years of my life online?

Am I exploiting my children? Am I just sharing? Who the hell do I think I am to speak in this place? Where is this place – that is at once private and public? What rules exist and why don’t I know them? How easy is it to misrepresent, steal and twist?

Let’s just say that 2015 is the year I become a self-made Information Superhighway cartographer.

THEN, we hosted our annual week of ragers — kicking off 2014’s holiday season with a KABLOWBY Thanksgiving/Holiday Cocktail Party/Dorothy’s Birthday Party extravaganza.

The headless squirrel is step three of the Thanksgiving ritual

Holiday Cocktail Wig Party.
The Annual Hearn Holiday Cocktail Party

Dorothy’s Birthday Party.
Dorothy Turns Five!

And after a relaxing Christmas, you’ll find us here, counting up our blessings.

This Christmas, I've struggled a ton with myths, rituals and beliefs.   That said, there is comfort in just going with what you were raised with.

We discovered we’re privileged as heck.

In 2015, I’m determined to do more to right some inequalities. It’s just embarrassing how much I benefit from those inequalities. I’m also doing more healthy stuff, aren’t you?

I’m pleased to say that like I resolved for 2014, I kept most of my house plants alive. Soon, I’ll be a full-fledged grown up.

I hope your 2015 starts off with the best intentions.
I know you have them.

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