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Things I did right: House Plants

Something The Olds told me when I was growing up is that the biggest lesson I’ll learn is how little I know.

As usual, the Olds were right.

In my head, I consider myself a master gardener.
In my head, I’m green thumbed. wizard.
My soul teacher at Hogwarts (besides Emma Thompson) is Miss Sprout.
I’m green-kneeed overalls and dirty fingernails.

In reality, I’m a plant murderess.
Well, I WAS a plant murderess.
Until 2014.

Last year was the first year I have kept house plants alive for any more than two months. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Let me introduce my toddlers.

This one I call The Countess, she’s been with me the longest (1/2/2014) and holds her own on top of the piano. She always tells me what I need and for that, I love her.
The Countess

These are Fern and Oates. Fern had a rocky start, fpr a while this summer, I’d put her outside in the droughty-burny sun for two weeks and failed to water her. But it turns out, she just wanted to be close to Oates. She’s doing much better now.
Fern and Oates

Meet Lil’ Ivy. She went outside with Fern at the same, dreadful time and survived. This means she gives me strength during my workday.
Lil Ivy

Lady sits in our bedroom, she closes up when the sun goes down, all respectful of sexytimes. Thanks Lady!

In a quest for her right spot, Lucy has been all over our house. I’d call her a nomadic plant, if such a thing existed. Now, she sits atop her stand in my office.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but she fills me with cheer.

The next two plants are still unnamed. I got them in the last month and I don’t know them well yet, but I like them. Justina Blakeney recommended the fishhook succulent here — and she knows of what she speaks. Won’t you help me name her? I think a name probably came right to your mind when you looked at this photo.
Still Unnamed

This guy mans the remote basket and so far has done an exemplary job. He remains unnamed as well and would appreciate your ideas.


Plants! I kept some alive!
Let’s hear it for doing some things right in 2014!


6 thoughts on “Things I did right: House Plants

  1. 1
    shutterbean says:

    fishhook succulent- esmerelda (yours looks GREAT!) mine developed weird bugs from overwatering and kicked the bucket in 2013.

    last guy is going strong. he needs a sturdy name. Frank. As in Frank the Tank.

    Welcome to Crazy Plant Lady status. Once you name them, you’re in.

  2. 2
    Annabel Vita says:

    Ursula for the fish hook succulent!

  3. 3
    Greg says:

    The hanging basket is named Rapunzel, because she looks like long hair hanging down. The remote basket is Robinson Crusoe because he is marooned by himself. If you add another plant to keep him company, the new one can be named Friday.

  4. 4
    Michelle says:

    Late to the party, I know, but the succulent just looks like Celeste to me.

Hooray for replies!