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Lenten Update. Day 20.

We are half-way through our Lenten adventure and I am as sober as sober comes.
Still, no wine.

My skin looks great and I’m getting a lot better sleep every night.


At this point, it’s been funny to hear my brain and body whisper to me, “Okay, I get it, we’ve not had drinks for 20 days, we’re all good now. We get the point.”

Silly brain and body, that’s not the point.
We’re sacrificing here.
Forty full days.

Three cheers to my first St. Patrick’s Day without beer in a long, long time!


Sacrificing Instagram, however has been an entirely different story.
Maybe I’m using Instagram wrong, but I have found myself with nearly an extra two hours every day.

What would you do with an extra two hours every day?

With that time, I’ve started taking Barre classes, I swim at the high school. I made a few terrible pastel drawings and have a few prepared canvases ready for painting.

The pain of not knowing what everyone’s doing on Instagram is far, FAR outweighed by this luxury of time.

Beauty tip: A big part of the reason my skin looks better is that I have an extra gang of time to get places, be more considerate and think fully through the task at hand before I get started.

Am I suggesting you give up Instagram?
Heck no!

But I AM suggesting you take a closer look at the time your phone apps get.


I can’t wait to get back to Instagram. Knowing how much actual extra time I have will make me far more aware of all the time I spend there.

I relish every stinking minute I’ve gotten back.

Can you give up Instagram?

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