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Linking Log

This week on the internet I’m really digging:


These Speedo swimming videos.  With all this juicy free-time from my Instagram fast, I’ve been learning how to swim all over again. Thankfully, YouTube helps me feel less like a weenie.

Ina is my True North.

All the Comments Ever – The internet feather-ruffling this week happened over in the food world. Okay, fine.

But what is exciting is that the post is a riff off of The Toast and the kerfluffle was about an event that’s a riff of the Tournament of Books from the Morning News and all my internet both collapsed on itself and extended into the future and I was pleased.

My hope for this world: More riffing, fewer kerfluffles.

Food and fun in a festive atmosphere...

munchies.vice.com is my new favorite food site now. Admitting this was hard. But the scales tipped when I saw their video about Casa Bonita.  Their affable general manager almost makes me want to load JH and the girls up in the car and move to Denver to be a hostess there.

But not quite.


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    juliasheldon says:

    I grew up in Colorado and was recently trying to explain the cheesy awesomeness that is Casa Bonita to my daughters. I used to go there for every birthday, and I still have a caricature drawings of me being eaten by a fish (from 1981, when I turned 10). Thanks so much for sharing that video!

Hooray for replies!