14 August, 2015  |   Comment

It’s Chili Cook-off Time

A whirlywind week with a chili cookoff to host.
It’s pretty straightforward now.
Just the beans, ma’am.

We do it yearly, nine years to be exact.
Can you believe we’ve been hanging out so long?

Let’s hear it for this year’s all-lady cast of winners!

2015 Chili and Corbread Cook-off Winners!

They each won themselves a sweet hand-painted (thankyouverymuch) safari hat.


If you brought something to enter the competition, you’ll have to sign in. We’ll give you a small cup for voting. You’ll set that up next to your chili. We put out jars of Sharpies on the table so entrants could label their chili right on the table.


Drawing a big circle around your chili can help you clear a little space for your creation. If you brought sides, you can put the sides and the voting cup within your chili circle.

Just here to taste?

Grab a bowl, a spoon and two beans to vote for your favorites.
Get to tasting!


Make your way through the chilis bowl by bowl. This year, we had about 18.


I taste by putting different chilis in one bowl. One year we tried individual tasting cups, but the ladles didn’t work so well with the small opening. By the end of that year’s competition, everyone had chili-hands. The bowl below has 4 different chilis in it.


Then taste, taste, taste.





When you’ve decided on your favorite, leave a bean in the cup and get back to your bocce team! You still have a game to play!
(Sadly, we lost the match to the Paisans.)


When most of the chilis are empty, it’s time to count the beans!


Our awards ceremony is totally solemn and terrible.


Just kidding. It takes 5 minutes and everyone gets back to their game as quick as can be.

Chili up!

Hooray for replies!