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Kindergarten Bound

Dearest Dottie started Kindergarten.
(She’s back to Dottie, after a time as Dorothy.)

Dottie's first day of Kindergarten

It’s a huge change, one that comes with
tantrums and
general weepiness.

Dottie, Pinot and Nora Lea on their first day of school, 2015

I don’t think we recognize, how adult humans are exactly like child humans.

Don’t you get
bad dreams,
short-tempered and
general weepiness
when you have a big shift or change in your life?

The first day of school, hell, of ANYTHING, can be hard AND exciting.

Or do you blame it on other people?

Sometimes, we get in fights

I think more often than not, the loss of
nap time,
snacks and
keeps us from being the humans we could be.

Dottie requested spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, on the first day of Kindergarten, she got it.

I keep reminding myself of that, as I read those Facebook posts.
(You know the ones.)

The ones from the people you thought you knew, the people that say marginalized people are playing the “race card,” and that “if everyone had a gun, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Anyway, Kindergarten started.

New backpacks are the best part of starting school

We all make adjustments.

Pinot, Nora Lea and a little Super Mario to end a great/challenging day.

[P.S. I’m filling in the whole month of August through the end of the week, prepare for an HJ onslaught.  HJ’s FOR EVERYONE. As it should be.]


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