17 November, 2015  |   3 Comments

Make Paper Bag Popcorn – with me, Nora Lea


This weekend Nora Lea worked on a project with me. She wanted to show kids how to make popcorn in the microwave. She organized the steps, set up the script and the different shots and didn’t even need any second takes!

Back when I was a kid, I could never comprehend¬†that this was a thing I could do — much less with my daughter. I’m a-goggle at the many forms of communication and connection¬†our kids will intuitively know how to use.

On with the show!

3 thoughts on “Make Paper Bag Popcorn – with me, Nora Lea

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    ericalucci says:

    Yeah, Nora Lea! Great job!

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    that was adorable…and seriously, i DID NOT know that you could do popcorn like that! why have i been buying the packages!!! Thanks Nora Lea!

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    Beth says:

    This is s awesome, and something I see my own child doing in the future. I love Nora Lea’s spirit.

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