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Look Inside My Passion Hole

I'm on the moooooooon!

I wanted to write every day last month.
Then I didn’t.

There have been a lot of moments like that in the past year. Got a smidge of the mid-life crisis, suddenly thrown into a panic about what the hell was I even doing.

What was I even doing?

I’ve battled professional ennui for about 2 years, but this was a full-blown seizing up. I couldn’t get projects done, I was always busy with nothing happening. On top of that, my trademark enthusiasm had dried up.  The meatball on top of my spaghetti of inaction was the fear that my career in digital marketing won’t age well. 

I was stuck.

In January, at Alt Summit, I sat down for a creative consultation with Dayle at Number 4 Design Studio. After my verbal wallow, Dayle looked me square in the eye and said, “You are getting old and you don’t have much time.”

It was true. And terrifying.

Dayle gave me a few topics to research, a few projects to complete and a deadline of March 15 to figure it all out. I’m thrilled to say that’s a deadline I met. I spent a lot of time to research my interests to find a clear direction and I’ve uncovered my enthusiasm again.

Did you know that sometimes you have to research your passion? I didn’t. I thought that it just bubbled up from inside my passion hole. Turns out looking into my passion hole hasn’t been too productive. Getting out and interviewing friends and acquaintances about their jobs, lives and hobbies was.

Changing course is scary, especially when family finances in Northern California are such a burden. But the thing that’s surprised me is that having taken the pressure off my job to deliver my life’s passion, I’m a much better worker.

I’ll be sharing some of the steps I took to figure it all out in the hopes that it can help you too. 

(Ha! And now I know better than to promise something every day.)

2 thoughts on “Look Inside My Passion Hole

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    Please write more. QUICKLY! I don’t have much time.

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    Erica Lucci says:

    I totally relate about work just being work & not my passion. It’s a great way to pay the bills without a lot of other baggage attached. I’m looking forward to hearing how you execute on what you learned from the research.

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