About Helen Jane

Hi! I’m Helen Jane. That’s me on the left.
(Husband and children about me.)

I love to host parties.

My handsome programmer/musician husband and I live in California’s beautiful Napa Valley with our two toddler daughters.

I founded Cheesewhizzes, the nation-wide cheese club. You can read an article about it in Food and Wine magazine. Like I said, I love to host parties.

My bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce, plays weekly in our city’s bocce league. We celebrate with a weekly potluck theme,

I love talking about creativity and how it relates to blogging.
Check out my keynote Ignite talk from the 2011 EVO Conference. I love to inspire better blogging at events like Mom 2.0, the Foodbuzz Festival and SXSW.

This internet web log, helenjane.com has been updated since September 1998. That means I’ve been blogging for fourteen years. FOURTEEN YEARS. Goodness.

I may review your product. Email me.
I love that public speaking bit, especially if you like to have fun. Email me if you would like me to inspire creativity at your next event.

Email me at hj AT helenjane DOT com.
I like the cut of your jib.