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Win a free night at a Radisson Hotel


Hey good lookin.

Do you need some time away to recharge?
Do you need a room of your own, just for the night?
Do you need to just flipping escape?

Enter below to win a hotel room from the Radisson people.
They’re giving away 50 rooms total in the next month, and I get to give one of them away.
There are 400 locations, so you should be able to find something.

If you could give me ONE piece of advice, about anything you’ve learned, I’ll count that as your entry.
Seriously, any advice you’ve been dying to give me — totally counts.
I’m in an advice-taking state of mind lately, and open to what you have to recommend.

DETAILS: The free night voucher is valid for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of the winner’s choice. The voucher expires one year after issue date. The full terms and conditions are located on the room night voucher.

One comment per person please.
I’m picking a winner Wednesday and announcing on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
(When news of a free hotel room might be kind of nice.)

Radisson is listing more blogs giving away hotel rooms on their Facebook page in case you want more chances to win.

Good luck!

14 December, 2011  |   54 Comments

Cook without a book (from a book!)

Congrats to Heidi, commenter #10 for winning the book. Hooray! Hooray!

Meal planYou’ve seen my food planning.
You know what we eat.
A big hunk of animal protein, veggies and a starch.
But mostly the animal protein.
Just like mom used to make.

But if you look at my cookbook collection, you wouldn’t know that’s how I cook. There are vegan cookbooks, raw food cookbooks and all the juice fasts you can shake a dehydrated veggie cracker at.

To date, not one of these cookbooks have broken us from the mostly animal protein routine.

But then, Jane Maynard invited me to dinner at the hippest San Franciscan pizza place with some smartypants food bloggers and a famous cookbook author to celebrate the release her new book.

I may have had to promise my husband a full week’s worth of the good kind of favors —the toddlers, they are a handful these days — but it was worth it.

So what I’m saying is I have a book for you.

It’s called Cook Without A Book and it’s chock full of good stuff from Pam Anderson, the famous cookbook author. Not the other one. Although I hear that Pam Anderson doesn’t eat meat. So there’s that.

This cookbook makes me happy because it helps me sneak good meals in to creep our family closer to better health. To date, my manfriend and lady toddlers didn’t notice the vegetarian sloppy joes and well, let’s just not talk about the Great Fruit Pizza Overdose of 2011.

Would you like a copy of this cookbook too?
Leave a comment with your favorite one-word meatless ingredient.
(Bacon and codfish don’t count. Arugula does.)

I’ll pick a randomo and the rest of you shall weep bitter tears.
Just kidding.
The rest of you will get a Christmas postcard from me.
If you’re interested.

Pam Anderson and her daughter Maggy Keet are just the best kind of people. I’ve been searching the internet to try to find a way to join their family, but just not finding many options for me. This cookbook giveaway is as close as I can get.

Regardless. Comment! Meatless ingredient! Christmas postcard! Go!

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Let’s do it again, shall we?
A Mighty Summit tote giveaway

Congrats to black belt/wine lover/redhead Karina Jean, winner of the Mighty Summit bag.
She’s a goodie. And so are you. 

Since it was so fun to give away the Epiphanie bag, when I had another chance to give you cats something good, I jumped. Thanks long term readers for helping me out. Thanks new readers too!

You’ve heard about those Mighty Summit bags filled with treats?
I have this year’s for you.
It’s a doozy.

We start with the bag.
Large Natural Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag by Lands End
This is our go-to carry on. Perfect for packing children. Not actual children. Come to think of it, I do tote both toddlers around in mine from time to time.
They’re little and fun to put into things.
The children, not the bags.
(I’m going to stop now.)

Tieks by Gavrieli
Mine are coppery and glittery and perfect. When you’re at as many parties as I am, these are essential. They are beautifully packaged and come with a little bag for storage.

Bamboo Dahlia Necklace By Feisty Elle
I always find something more practical to spend my money on than accessories. This necklace makes it seem as if that’s not the case

Mixed bag
This bag doesn’t get as much use as it will with my NEXT laptop. The laptop I have now is rather jacked from the toddlers.

Tattly Temporary Tattoos
My little ladies love the rainbow tattoos. I prefer the robots. James likes them all.

Typekit Subscription
I am proud to use Typekit for lots of projects. Easy, straightforward to implement and beautiful

The Happiness Project
I sat next to Gretchen Rubin at our closing dinner. She’s the most curious lady I’ve ever met. (And I don’t mean that she’s CURIOUS. I mean she’s honestly curious. She wants to know how the world works. It all fascinates her. Which is awesome.) Her blog and her New York Times Bestselling book demonstrate her curiosity and her willingness to share all she’s learned.

The Quintet Necklace by Lemonade Handmade
This little necklace isn’t just special for representing a commitment to yourself. It’s also looks great with lots of other kinds of jewelry.

Maggie tells me that the contest is over next Thursday, October 13. (So enter quickly). Midnight, PST. Triple your chances to win by commenting at the sites of Ms. Maggie and Ms. Laura at The Queso.

Like I just did for the Epiphanie bag, I’ll use random.org to select the winner. If you win, I’ll reach out by email to make it real and then let you know who won next Friday in its own post and in this original post. You can only win if you’re in U.S. and Canada.

7 October, 2011  |   3 Comments

Epiphanie Winner


I loved reading your autumn memories.
We’re certainly a bucolic sort, aren’t we?
You made me nostalgic for your autumns.

So many leaves and hayrides.
Autumn means home, means outside.
(Those things are free. I’m well served to remember that.)

So who won the sack?

Congrats to Launa!

“We lived in a not so seasonal part of the country when I was growing up but even so my favorite part of the fall season is Thanksgiving… there is something so nice about having dinner together, cleaning up and then taking a nice, lazy walk around the neighborhood!! Good times!”

Well done lady, the gods of Random.org have smiled upon you!

That said, there was a weird feeling in my stomach — it was that I felt kind of icky that on my first giveaway, I had to tell 385 people that they didn’t win. So I’m reducing that number by three.

Bonus prize!
I’m going to draw pictures of three people’s autumn memories and give them the files to print or do what they want with them.

Those winners are:
Alecia, number 67

My favorite autumn memory? Hmm. That’s really tough. But, I might have to say that it’s the old homecoming bonfires at the all-boy’s high school that was brother to my all-girl’s high school. Those homecoming bonfire nights were amazing. The smell, the sounds, the crisp autumn air. Takes me back just thinking about it.

Raegan, number 86

A little unconventional, but my favorite memory involves the horse track. Growing up in Kentucky, horses were a big part of our state. Every fall, my dad would pull my sister and I out of school and take us to the beautiful horse race track. We would eat yummy track food like hot burgoo and dad would give us $2 a race to bet however we wanted. (Usually we chose our horse by the colors the jockey was wearing!) I love the memories we made doing this every fall!

Kirsten, number 365

I love walking in the crunchy leaves, and jumping in big piles. I love cool Hallowe’en nights where you have to dress up in some bulky costume just to stay warm, your nose gets cold, and when you’re done you drink a big mug of hot chocolate. I love high school football games. I love the Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series. Fall reminds me of home… and that’s the best of all.

Bonus points to Kirsten for “Hallowe’en”

Images will be ready in two weeks.
I’m so excited to get started.


5 October, 2011  |   386 Comments

Epiphanie Bag Giveaway

Take advantage of my wee, beady traffic.
Take advantage of it.
Get an Epiphanie bag from me.
I have one to give away.


It’s only because I like you that I will wrap this thing in a box, add some special notes and treats and mail it to your house. It’s only because I like you that I think you should have it.

My friend and twinsie and Mighty Summit roommate Maile Wilson makes these bags. She’s wise in the ways of production and business.

She’s also really smart about beauty.
And how to be kind to people.
She’s a kindness savant.

I do ask something of you, though.
To win, I need you to comment with your favorite autumn memory.
And your email address.
But I won’t use your email address for anything unscrupulous. Promise.

Do that, and you super awesome chance of getting a free camera bag.
With treats and notes.

UPDATE: Entries closed! Choosing now and will let the winner know and announce tomorrow.