Once a year, our family trip

This year we went to Wisconsin and Michigan for a family reunion and to make sure all the Grandparents are now healthy.

The air is still humid and
the food is hearty as heck.

It was a good trip, a memory dislodging trip, a trip that reminds me that we are made of our home town, no matter how hard we might pretend not to be.

We went to Bay Beach.

James and Dottie on the Scrambler at Bay Beach

The girls and I rode the ferris wheel

We met a toad named Todd!

Dottie met a toad named Todd!

We drove to Upper Michigan.

Charlie built a sauna

We met cousins we didn’t know we had. They are all very smart and bedoctorated.

Yeager Family Reunion

There was a family reunion!

2018 Yeager Family Reunion

We drove to Milwaukee and met up with old, olde friends.

The Caryseses and the Hearnseses

We returned home and collapsed in the way that’s good.
Sweet nights of sleep and lots of veggies.
Quiet and committed.




This year so far

Scrambler time at Bay Beach, Green Bay, WI

I’m trying a September experiment, where I write every day this month.
Why did I take the last year off?
Grief. Life. Rebuilding.

The first thing
Due to air quality, our family evacuated for a few weeks during the Northern California wildfires that took some of my friends’ homes.
We had the best of all situations, we had flexible jobs, we had family we could stay with and our home was safe.
It was still nearly impossible.

Fire season is now fully something we’re prepared for, with go bags, full gas tanks, air quality apps, fire control maps and a hard to ignore worry that it could all go at any minute.

Early 2017 Napa Fire

The second thing
In November, my brother Joe died, unexpectedly, on his way to visit my brother John for Thanksgiving.
Uncle Joe was a beloved character, and we feel his loss every day. Working through this particular grief with my girls has stretched my heart to breaking (then we do it all again).
Uncle Joe, Nora Lea and Dottie Uncle Joe on the couch with Dottie

The third thing
Just when I felt like my feet were getting under me, in March, one of my close friends was held hostage and murdered.

It was clear I needed time to go underground and rebuild.

Fundamentally, I am a different person than I was last year. Not only am I well padded from all the grief-eating, I’m quieter, I need more alone time, I’m more sensitive to your energy.

That said, I’m not depressed. I know what that feels like, and this isn’t that

When you’re known for showing up with big energy,┬áthere’s a lot of shame when it’s not there anymore.

All that to say, I’m working it out this month. I think I might be ready to talk.

Let’s see where it takes me.