2 September, 2016  |   6 Comments

Missing our Pinot

My dog died. Remember when we got her? Seven million blogging years ago?
We put her to sleep on Sunday. It’s Friday now, seven million grieving days later.
We had her for 13 glorious years. And I walked with her nearly every day of that time.

She had the best sense of humor out of any dog I ever met. I see her everywhere.


This week has been for quiet time, reflection and surprise tears.


Friends sent us flowers – what a delightful surprise to be reminded of the community we share.


I think this experience, more than any other, has brought the contrast of Everyone Deals / But What About My Pain? to the front of my heart. Having a beloved pet die is nearly universal, but the pain, the love and the relationship was unique, only to us.

Nora Lea and Pinot

A lot of acceptance happens in that space between universal experiences had in a way unique only to me. We’re all working through that.



17 July, 2016  |   Comment

100 Graces 71-80

Hooray hooray! We’re in the home stretch.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we’re posting 20 more by Tuesday.

71_the-royal-thy 72_thank 73_gift 74_thanks 75_row-row 76_peace 77_my-bonnie 78_refreshed 79_thankful 80_lilies

I’m thankful for you!